A pink, white and red balloon.
Photography by Monica Turlui

If I have to worry about keeping it
If I have to stress too much for it
If I have to work overtime
Then, it’s not LOVE.

If I feel insecure and harbor fear
If I have to knock before you open
If I cannot express it at your back
Then, it’s not LOVE.

If its boundaries are conditional
If it has to be requested for
If it changes during good and bad times
Then, it’s not LOVE.

It’s not love
If it doesn’t touch the inner soul
If it’s not worth emulating
If it cannot shine in the dark.

Love has no price tag
It’s a chemistry of unconditionality
It doesn’t fear the unexpected
It remains forever no matter what.

I'm a contemporary writer. I have been hugely involved with writing Poetry, Quotes, and Academic Articles. I have a career in Information and Communication (IT), Economics, and currently pursuing one in Development Studies.

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